About Us

The World Muaythai Organization (W.M.O)

The World Muaythai Organization (W.M.O) is a world renowned governing body, sanctioning Muay Thai fights at Pro-am and Professional level Worldwide.

Recognized by the Kru Muay Thai Association (KMA) registered under Thailands Ministry of Culture and recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The president of World muay thai organization is Mr. Chinawut Sirisompan, also known as Grand Master Woody. G.M.Woody is well known around the World for his incredible input, promotion and expertise in Muay Thai since 1983. He is also the Chairman and President of Kru Muay Thai association.

World muay thai organization is part of a huge annual festival in Bangkok, held every March 12-22nd, hosting festival World Championship fights in pro-am and professional categories, with over 50 countries competing.

World muay thai organization has sanctioned fights around the World hosted by our partner National Promoters for those regions, including; Italy, England, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and many more.

World muay thai organization now has several current WMO International World Title holders in weight categories Male: 62kg, 70kg, 72kg and 80kg and female 63.5kg.

World Muaythai Organization is a registered company in Thailand since 13th September 2011 (2554)

Since then WMO has grown to be a World Recognized Muay Thai fighting organization,  with representatives from numerous Nations.

The World Muaythai Organization is in association with World Muay Boran Federation and the Kru Muay Thai Association; recognized by Thailands Ministry of physical education and Thailands Ministry of culture.

Aim: Our aim is to sanction and promote professional Muay Thai fights, to spread knowledge and culture of the art of Muay Thai globally.


The Official Committee of the World Muay thai Organization (W.M.O)

WMO President: Mr. Chinawut Sirisompan

Vice President: Mr. Nattasan Hutasavee

Secretary: Miss. Jade Marrisa Sirisompan


WMO Executive Members

Europe and South America Commissioner: Mr Kevin Martin Llyod

Eastern European Commissioner/French Representative: Mr Pascal Mathieu

Middle East/Arabic States Commissioner: Mr Sami Kiblawi

Asian Commissioner: Mr Amin Kaw


President of Media – Communication: Mr Hakim Djelouat


WMO Exclusive Partner: Wings Co.ltd.


WMO Exclusive Representative

America: Mr Andre Madiz – http://www.wmousa.org/


WMO World Promoters

Algeria: Mr. Iskounen Yougourta (Exp. 4/5/18)

Brazil: Mr. Fabiano Kruschewsky  

           Carneiro Team (Exp. 16/3/19)

China: Wings co.ltd.

Hong Kong: Mr. Andrew Chan

Italy: Mr. Diego Calzolari

         Mr. Max Baggio

         Mr. Mirco Mugnaini

Singapore: Mr. Ho Willip