The 5th International and Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival is creeping up fast. This years event (2020) will be in the heart of Pattaya beach, located on Pattaya Klang beach front, from the 8th-16th March.

The Festivities will consist of both mat and ring sports spread over 2km of beach area.

Mat Sports: Dap Thai (Thai Sword), Keta muay thai (Aerobics muay thai), Mae Mai Muay thai (Muay thai choreographed fight scene), Jeet Kune do and Light/Low kick amateur kickboxing.

Ring Sports: Amateur Kickboxing, Amateur boxing, Amateur Muay Boran, Amateur Muay thai, pro-am muay thai and professional muay thai.

Other activities: Seminars for judge/refereeing and muay boran, food festival and Markets

Official hotel: P Plus hotel

Family hotel: Vogue hotel

For more information please contact us at gmwoody@krumuaythai.or.th