Mr. Simos Gerasimou
WMO Cyprus
Representative for WMO in Cyprus
Representative for ICO in Cyprus
Owner and president of Simon Muay Thai Ultimate Fighting
Assistant Master Kru Yai by KMA 
Experience in Muay Thai: 17 years
Personal Fight Record: 13 Total: 10 wins + 3 loses
I open my own gym in 2009 in Meneou Larnaca area in Cyprus
Certified Kru by the Kru Muay Thai Association 2011 by G.M Woody
Teaching and promoting events In Cyprus since 2011
Some of the events are:
Nak muays
Nak Soo muay thai fights
Kimbo Cyprus
The muay thai fight show
ICO interclub
And many more….
In 2017 Simos certified for Kru Yai Assistant Master under G.M Woody from the KMA
November 2017, Mr Gerasimou opened his second Gym in Zigi Limassol area in  Cyprus.
About 150 students in total with active fighters taking part in events in Cyprus and Internationally (Uk, Greece, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Thailand)
My future plans and goals is to promote WMO events in Cyprus in profesional and amateur level and continue to exam my students under the KMA.