The  Kru Muaythai Association  (KMA) is the official association together with the UK Culture forum and Muay Boran Association; with support by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. In association with the World Muay Boran federation (WMBF) and the World Muaythai Organization (WMO).

Successfully organizing the International & Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival since 2016 with the shared aim to promote the best athletes in the World within their competing martial art categories as well as to promote culture exchange and friendship through competition and sport.

Also as part of the event, the spectacular World wai kru ceremony is held every March 17th, were by all competing athletes from the festival are able to travel free to Ayuthaya province and take part in the wai kru ceremony, led by famous fighters such as Buakaw Banchemek.

The first INTERNATIONAL AND THAI MARTIAL ARTS GAMES & FESTIVAL was held between the 12th-22nd March 2016  at MBK Center in the middle of Bangkok, Thailand. With more than 43 countries and over 500 athletes taking part.      

After great success following the first games, the KMA was forced to move to a larger arena to host the next festival. The 2nd INTERNATIONAL AND THAI MARTIAL ARTS GAMES AND FESTIVAL was then held at Nimibutr National Stadium, next to MBK centre in the middle of Bangkok 2017.

The first two festivals included competitions in Muay Boran (Amateur) by WMBF, Pro-am and Professional muay thai fights by WMO, as well as, Dap Thai (Thai sword), Mae mai muay thai, muay keta (aerobics muay thai) and ‘Angel Warriors’ competition.

The festival also holds workshop classes and seminars for participants wanting to learn and develop their skills in Muay Boran, judge and refereeing, krabi krabong and much more.

Following the outstanding feedback and admission from participants from the games in 2017, the KMA had attracted the attention from other Martial arts requesting to take part in the festival.

Now the Kru Muay Thai association plans an even larger event for March 2018, hosting a spectacular martial arts tournament.

Competitions included in the festival:

  1. The 5th Amateur Muay Boran World Championships (W.M.B.F) 
  2. Muaythai Pro-Am & Professional Championships (W.M.O)
  3. Sport Karate Kata /Kumite, Dungle Championships (Bushiban)
  4. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships (Carlson Gracie)
  5. Amateur Kick Boxing K1-Glory Championships (W.K.A)
  6. Jeet Kune Do-Tang soo do World Championships
  7. 3rd Dap Thai (Thai Sword) World Championships
  8. 2nd Boxing Under 19yrs and 1st Adult +19 yrs Sections (U.B.F)
  9. Angel Warriors and Mr. Fitness warrior competition
  10. Keta Muaythai (Muaythai aerobics)
All competitions will be held at Nimibutr, National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Not only will this event host competitions, but many workshops and seminars in a variety of Thai and International martial arts.

Last, the 14th WORLD WAI KRU CEREMONY by The tourism authority of Thailand (T.A.T.) which will be held on the 17th March at the World Heritage site in the ancient city of Ayutthaya.


For all details contact WMBF VP Grand Master Kevin

E: Cell. / WhatsApp: +447850 544148


Please send a copy of all Information to Email:

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