Francesco Bonomini 

National Representative for WMO in Peru

My name is Francesco Bonomini. I am the owner and head coach of Knockstar Team. I am also the promoter of Top Combat Perú, which is a MuayThai Amateur and Pro Am tournament with a ranking system and champions. It is one of the only 2 events that has fighters from all the best MuayThai gyms in Perú. 

During my 13 years career as a fighter i have fought Amateur and profesional in Peru, Argentina and Thailand. As a coach, i have formed and trained national, southamerican and world champions.

My idea is to promote WMO MuayThai in Peru with these tournaments, inviting fighters from all gyms and making a Team from Peru with the best fighters and winners of these tournaments. I am also in the process of creating a “Peruvian MuayThai Association” to backup all the work in the most transparent, fair and neutral way. I have the energy and resources to work for MuayThai and would be happy and honored to do it for WMO in Peru. 

Facebook: Top Combat Peru